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Win Financially by Learning How to Manage Your Money Brilliantly.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Get the knowledge and tools you need to manage  your daily finances and your financial future.

Join our next Financial Freedom for Life seminar and coaching program (in person or online) to

  • Get in control of your spending,
  • Eliminate all bad debt fast,
  • Protect your family from life shocks,
  • Pay down your mortgage 10-20 years faster and
  • Build passive income for an easy retirement.

Not only do our financial coaches/educators remove the anxiety about your financial future, but more importantly we empower you to take control and provide the resources you need so you can make great financial decisions.

The Financial Freedom for Life Seminar gives you the knowledge to take action and achieve financial security for you and your family.

The big catastrophe we always see in the Financial Planning and Money Coaching professions is a lack of knowledge by a large number of hard working Australians.

This results in Aussies needing to work longer and harder, with less reward than if they had the financial knowledge we give them.

We fix this problem and transform the financial lives and futures of individuals and families.

Find out what you’ll get in our Financial Freedom for Life course.

Financial Goals

This signature course contains all the Wealth and Money fundamentals you need to take action to achieve

Financial Freedom for Life

6 Training Hours to walk you through mindset shifts and strategic steps ($1200 value)

6 workbooks of journal prompts and diagrams to help you get a deeper understanding ($777 value)

A money tracking system that will help you stay on track and see your money grow ($22 value)

Exclusive Access to the Normadian Investment Tool (first 3-months subscription rebate $29.85 value)

Exclusive Access to the Normadian Financial Goals Tool (Value $1500 Reduced to $11.99 p.m.)

Includes goal setting tools for

Cash-flow management

Debt reduction


Retirement planning




No Money?

Bonus Financial Fitness test & Expense tracker

Lifetime access to the Normadian ongoing resource worksheets (worth their weight in gold)

A private Facebook community only for students of this course (Worth millions!)

TOTAL VALUE = $3528.85

Sign up now and access Money Mastery for as low as $825! OR click the button below to check out other payment options here!

About US

My Story

When I was just 16 years old, tragedy struck both of my parents overnight. As you can imagine, our financial lives were put into the most horrific kind of turmoil.

Throughout my life I have not only learned to survive, but to thrive, and since then I have constantly worked to help others protect their families from experiencing the additional trauma of not being financially secure.

This has meant teaching others the secrets on how to manage money effectively, grow your savings, pay down debt, build wealth, protect your family, and get yourself financially secure.

I am passionate about educating others, because I know what a difference it makes for when life hits us with unwanted shocks.

Each of our coaches and mentors has their own personal money story for why they are passionate about helping everyday Australians enjoy their lives instead of continually lying awake anxious about money issues.

We encourage you to book in a no obligation discovery call so you can learn more about how this transformative program will put you in the driver seat of your financial future.



Norma Falconer teaches financial awareness and self directed financial management.  She has worked as a Financial Planner and Money Coach in both Australia and South Africa.